Birthdays, Books and Yoga

Tuesday June 21st, check your diaries, it’s a significant date. Yes, it’s Prince William’s Birthday. Yes, it’s the day that the fifth Harry Potter book was published but more significantly than that, it’s International Yoga Day. An international coming together under a huge yogic umbrella, the worldwide union of lycra and downward dogs. What [...]

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Duvets, comfort blankets and mindsets

I love my duvet. So very much. There’s nothing better than climbing into my own bed, sheets all clean, snuggling up under the covers and feeling safe. My bed and my duvet have got me through many a tough time, and it still remains an instinctive reflex to retreat to their solace [...]

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Top Tips to a Happy Easter!

By Catherine Robinson What does Easter mean to you? It may be clichéd, but for me it’s the perfect occasion to spend quality time with my friends and family: having a giggle; gaining a few (unwanted, but accepted) pounds; and reflecting on the big questions in life… and death. Other than getting a [...]

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