Duvet Downtime – Or Not!

  Every year I look forward to the Easter break. It’s 4 days away from work but there is always a decision to be made. Do I fill my time keeping active, seeing friends and family and making use of my days off? Or should I just relax, chill and have a duvet [...]

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Blue Skye Thinking

As I entered the little café set in the hills the wee lady greeted me with the biggest smile; “How are you today?” she asked kindly and warmly, as she looked deeply into my eyes. I felt she genuinely wanted to know the answer. I’d just crossed the bridge from mainland Scotland onto [...]

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All Aboard The Fitness Train

New year, new me and I’ve decided I’m going to get fit. I’ve bought a new gym top, charged my fitness watch and bought the essential fitness magazines. One magazine said that a “smartly constructed one-minute workout was found to be as effective as 45 minutes of moderate exercise’. Great I thought, I [...]

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