Wellbeing in the Workplace

  Do we all have a right to feel happy at work? Is it important? And what responsibility should a company take when it comes to our emotional wellbeing in the workplace? Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Enterprising Women Summit at the Institute of Directors. I was speaking on [...]

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Battling to Be in the Moment

  I’d been invited by the fabulous team at Warwick Castle for a weekend’s event, and the launch of their Wars of the Roses live jousting show. Staying in a knight’s themed wood log cabin (brilliant!), visiting the castle dungeons (petrifying), I was highly excited as I embarked upon my trip – FYI, [...]

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Turning Happiness Inside Out

  You may recall my blog earlier this year about the balance between focusing on internal vs external happiness. I’d been concentrating for so long on the internal, I wondered whether I’d forgotten that external factors do play a role. So, in true Sally style, I have thrown myself wholeheartedly into changing the [...]

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A Different Train Of Thought

  It had been a bad afternoon. I'd had some bad news at work, I was feeling tired, and things just felt... bad. As I sat on the train travelling back to London, I thought about my work problems and I felt sad. I felt I'd failed and made wrong decisions. I could [...]

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Blue Skye Thinking

As I entered the little café set in the hills the wee lady greeted me with the biggest smile; “How are you today?” she asked kindly and warmly, as she looked deeply into my eyes. I felt she genuinely wanted to know the answer. I’d just crossed the bridge from mainland Scotland onto [...]

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Acts of Kindness for the International Day of Happiness

  A lady smiles at me. She has big round eyes that are kind. A friend texts to see if I’d like a food parcel delivery. Another sends me a card with kind words – and then a beautiful bunch of flowers arrive at my front door. A stranger tells me my hair [...]

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Kindness – The Crutch Of The Matter

There I stand - on an underground train in London. The carriage is busy, but not packed. There’s no free seat, so I cling tightly to the central pole. A normal day for Sally you may think. Yes, bar one fact: I’m on crutches. There’s been another small accident (don’t ask)… Today my [...]

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