Music is my “awesome” thing

Last night I finally got the chance to see a band I’ve been admiring for a couple of years. New-soul band Hiatus Kaiyote are from Melbourne, Australia and I was introduced to their music by a close friend of mine (who has returned to Australia for the foreseeable future). Watching this band perform live was not just holistically satisfying from the viewpoint of a musician who is passionate about music like this, but because my mind made direct connections with this band and my friends. It took me back to last summer when such beautiful lyrics were really helpful for my unsteady mindset.

Hiatus played with so much groove, I can only imagine how many hours of rehearsals were required to make the band so tight, but it was incredible.

Evenings like that are my favourite, and I rarely feel awe for many other things than music and natural beauty. I feel a very specific kind of satisfaction from being part of an experience so satisfying.

Music is my “awesome” thing.

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“I’m Denver. I’m a jazz vocalist studying at the London College of Music. I like traveling, learning more about compassionate lifestyles (I have been vegan for about a year), and sharing what’s going on in my head.”

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  1. TimF May 1, 2016 at 9:33 am - Reply

    Totally with you on this Denver. Music is so powerful. It has the power to make us happy, to make us think, to make us feel awe. I can think of so many times in my life, when music has given me joy.

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