Sun is Shining, Weather is Sweet – Day 3

Well what a day for Day 3’s Happynesshub challenge! “The sun was shining, weather was sweet,made me wanna move my dancing feet” – but all things Bob aside, it was the perfect day for this challenge.

I usually walk to work – I find that it really helps clear my mind and I get a good amount of fresh air before getting into the office and then I’m at my desk for most of the day. I’m also often on autopilot and zone out by listening to music and checking messages or emails on my phone along the way but today I took the time to notice the positives on the way.

What I experienced was sheer natural beauty all around me. Flares of bright violet bluebells, bushes of lush green plants climbing up walls, an ornamental wishing well in someone’s garden (I’ll stop by tomorrow, throw in a coin and make a wish!!) and beautiful bunches of blossoms all around me that made me want to stop and take pictures. So I did!

One of them accompanies this post and I’m so moved by all the natural beauty that I walked past, that I will figure out how to create a mosaic of all the gorgeous plants trees and flowers that I took pictures of and I’ll post it!!

So thank you Happynesshub for another fab introductory video with great tips and really interesting research findings from Dr Elaine Fox and about approaching life circumstances with positivity.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow xx

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“Hi, I’m Kam and I’m thrilled to have signed up to be a Happynesshub Hero. I have been committed to working on my inner landscape ever since I can remember and I love learning new things that make life that little bit sweeter. I’ve heard great things about the Happynesshub and I’m looking forward to the 21 Days to Happyiness challenge and picking up valuable nuggets of information, putting them into practice and sharing my experiences with you.”

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