Kindness and Circles

It started with a message from a friend. I’d woken – ‘on the wrong side of the head’ as I nowadays say, having slept through my ‘snooze’, new(ish) electric toothbrush really not having the desired brushing effect, and my to do list hovering heavily with 59 items to be completed by 1300. And then [...]

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A New Toast

Guest blog by Matt Curtis The traditional toast is to ‘health, wealth and happiness’. But what is 'wealth' in today's modern times? Go onto any internet image search engine and type in ‘wealth’ and all you will see are pictures of bank notes, coins and bullion bars. This is what we [...]

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To do list or not to do list – that is the question

To do list or not to do list – that is the question I lay in bed last night, heart palpitating, head throbbing, that slightly edgy feeling where you feel you may go at any minute. And I thought "this all feels like too much". What - you may ask? Had [...]

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21D2H – The 3 M’s – Mucus, Meditations and Mum’s cooking

Doing the new toolkit with a chest infection was ‘different’ to say the least. I found it challenging, and at times tough, sometimes I simply didn’t do it, and others I did. Lessons learnt: make time to do something small; however tiny. Even Marta’s 2-minute meditations. It really makes a difference. And [...]

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My Formula For Happiness

What is happiness? Now that is a question! And one for a much longer conversation but here’s a start… An underlying peace. Well-being. Joy. Love. Hope. Purpose. Belonging. Contentment. The ability to survive. My Formula (Caveat: It’s nothing new) Don’t search for happiness. You will always be chasing a dream. Instead, live and [...]

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