It’s Time for Happiness

Whenever I tell my friends about the Happynesshub, it’s instantly met with bags of enthusiasm. “Becoming happier – that sounds great!” So I tell them about the 21 Days to Happiness toolkit and the meditations. Simple things that take just a few minutes every day to make us happier. “Oh, I don’t have [...]

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Quitting Moaning

In the UK, we believe that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. And that’s absolutely true. Bottling up unhappiness is destructive. It is a relief to able to express our feelings to someone who listens thoughtfully and without judgement. Sharing our experience can help us work our own way to a solution [...]

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Kindness – The Crutch Of The Matter

There I stand - on an underground train in London. The carriage is busy, but not packed. There’s no free seat, so I cling tightly to the central pole. A normal day for Sally you may think. Yes, bar one fact: I’m on crutches. There’s been another small accident (don’t ask)… Today my [...]

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Virtual Reality – The Power of our Minds

Waiting in the queue to pick up my theatre ticket wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. The box office computers were down and the box office staff were busily trying to get people’s tickets to them before the show started. Trying not to worry as the queues got longer, I was convinced I’d [...]

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Acts of Kindness for the International Day of Happiness

  A lady smiles at me. She has big round eyes that are kind. A friend texts to see if I’d like a food parcel delivery. Another sends me a card with kind words – and then a beautiful bunch of flowers arrive at my front door. A stranger tells me my hair [...]

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