Turning Happiness Inside Out

  You may recall my blog earlier this year about the balance between focusing on internal vs external happiness. I’d been concentrating for so long on the internal, I wondered whether I’d forgotten that external factors do play a role. So, in true Sally style, I have thrown myself wholeheartedly into changing the [...]

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The Sunshine After the Rain

I’m a sun lover. I worship the sun. It makes me happy, makes me feel upbeat and repairs my soul. I remember when I lived in Spain though, that after 4 months of continuous dry sunshine we were all looking forward to the prospect of rain. There’s something quite refreshing about [...]

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Wellbeing and Mental Health in Education

  Hearing about the pressures of school life today makes me feel old. Really old. Apart from the exam stress and, “who will I hang out with today?” I don't really remember that much about my Skool Dayz. Except, perhaps, for the time that we locked the German teacher out of the classroom, [...]

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A Different Train Of Thought

  It had been a bad afternoon. I'd had some bad news at work, I was feeling tired, and things just felt... bad. As I sat on the train travelling back to London, I thought about my work problems and I felt sad. I felt I'd failed and made wrong decisions. I could [...]

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