Twenty one days is all it takes
To live a better way,
And learn to breathe and meditate,
And laugh and love and play.
As Sally takes us day by day,
Inspiring us to try,
An exercise to calm our minds,
As clear as summer sky.
Gratitude diaries, positive thoughts,
What makes us come alive,
Being present, in the now,
Already it’s day five.
Never comparing, ones own self,
Learning to feel great,
Choosing how happy you want to feel,
Is the tasking of day eight.
On we press, each day a task,
Self compassionate to the end,
A letter to important ones,
Be they family, spouse or friend.
Happy songs which make us smile,
And make us want to move,
To lift our mood and motivate,
And help us to improve.
Happyness Heroes blog their way,
As along their paths they walk,
Encouraging you to share your views,
And engaging us to talk.
Marta helps us meditate,
To clear our cluttered mind,
Self discovery through guided paths,
Who knows what you might find.
So into week three and days to go,
The end may be in sight,
But the end is just the beginning here,
On the path of inner light.