Saturday flew by. It was one of those days that feels like it was shorter then the rest of the week. In fact, I’m sure there’s been some extensive research done by the Happynesshub, to prove that some days of the year are actually 8 hours shorter than the rest. Surely that’s a well known fact Catherine?

During the day, I was focussing so hard on being present, I started to forget my own concept of time. I realised that I tend to think everything through in blocks of time – i.e., how long will this conversation take – can you give me the nutshell…? If I watch half an episode of House Of Cards, can I still write that email by 2pm? What’s the quickest route to get to the shops, taking into account roadworks, the weather fluctuations and the impact of the Jupiter descending in a Pisces moon?

So yesterday I tried not to do that – I went to see some fantastic friends for lunch. When I arrived at lunchtime we talked about what we would have for dinner, which threw my internal time clock – was I too early for dinner ? How many hours away is that? Casually trying to look unphased whilst reaching for the kitchen worktop to support myself, I started to mentally calculate the blocks of time in between me and dinner. I caught myself and remembered to give myself time to be in the present. Which worked. I had the nicest day with my friends, we put the world to rights 15 times over and the day just flew by. By the time I got home it was bedtime and I honestly couldn’t tell you where the day had gone, it had been so much fun.

What I can tell you though, was that it was beef stew for dinner. It was absolutely lovely.