I found a place yesterday. A place that I’ve been to many times before but it felt like the first time. A place just for me… and the other thousand or so people that use the lido everyday.

Ok, so it’s only a lido and not an undiscovered waterfall, complete with grazing wildebeest and dolphins chattering excitedly about their gratitude diaries but it’s a start. The thing is, the lido is the last place I would choose to go to at the end of the day. For me, the lido is one of the most boring places on Earth, a man made pond with some sand at the edge. Memories of countless Sundays as a child walking round it with only the hope of an ice cream to make it more bearable and a justified break away from watching Doctor Who. The worst thing about the lido is that it never changes – always the same thing and the circular walk around the lake is like being stuck in Groundhog Day.

However, yesterday, I was on the positivity trail – “Focussing On The Positive” (FoP). I decided that I didn’t want to walk and FoP but instead dragged the bike out the garage to cycle and FoP. (Still with oversized helmet, effortlessly rocking the melon squeezed into a in a carrier bag look). Cycle FoPping took me to streets I didn’t usually go to, I noticed it was spring and how much I love the blossom on the trees. I FoPped my way to Caffe Nero (had a virtual coffee with HH Matt who was having a tea at the same time). Then found myself FoPped by the lake at the lido. It was just the place I wanted to be. Like Marta, it was “magical”.

Only as the sun started to set did I FoP off home.

In a mild panic.

I remembered I didn’t have any lights and it was getting dark.