Doing the new toolkit with a chest infection was ‘different’ to say the least. I found it challenging, and at times tough, sometimes I simply didn’t do it, and others I did. Lessons learnt: make time to do something small; however tiny. Even Marta’s 2-minute meditations. It really makes a difference.

And gratitude continues to be a driver for me. The gifts from the Heroes as they blogged and vlogged, the emails of kindness and support, the visits, the meals, the love. All of it made this the best bout of illness yet! And I want to thank each and every one of you.

Can you be happy and poorly? For me, yes; I have finally come to realise I can. Is it harder? Absolutely, no doubt. But the more I practise when well, the easier it comes when ill. So what’s the take-home message for me? I’m doing the toolkit again! And nothing beats Mum’s cooking and a good old inhalation.

Love to you all Hubbers.