Today has been incredibly challenging for me. I have terrible toothache. The kind that feels like you have been punched in the jaw. The kind that throbs relentlessly. The kind that every time you change position the pressure increases and the pain gets worse. The kind that makes you want to cry and feel incredibly sorry for yourself. Today it has been hard to find happiness.

Today I have worked harder than ever on using the techniques I have discovered over the last few days with Happynesshub. I admit it took me longer to write my daily gratitude list but I did. It was hard for me to find inspiration to choose something off my happy list to do today but I managed it. It was a challenge to fight against my natural instincts to shift the focus of my day from negative to positive. It was a struggle for me to pry myself off the couch and do my daily meditation but I did. Today I had to be extremely disciplined in order to lift my spirits and not give in to the pain I was feeling with my tooth.

The exciting thing is, despite how challenging I found it, it really worked for me. Each time I carried out one of the Happynesshub tasks it helped me to cope and feel better. It also empowered me. I felt as though I actually had a choice as to how I felt. I was in control. I did not have to let this toothache dictate my mood or my perspective on the world today.

The highlight of my day was this evening when I bathed my little boy, read him stories and put him to bed. A daily task, if I am honest, I usually rush through as I am so tired and eager to get to bed myself. Not tonight. I allowed myself to be really present in the moment. I was not thinking what else I should be doing or about planning for tomorrow or even about doing a quick tidy of the bathroom while he was playing with his bath toys. No. This was my present and I was going to appreciate it.

I really noticed things. I talked to my son and he responded. I played games with him and we laughed together. I observed closely how he interacts with his toys and noticed his precious reactions to each one. I smelled the lovely scent of the Johnson’s baby products we use every night and I really took time to appreciate those last sleepy moments with him before he drifted off to sleep for the night.

I had one of the loveliest evenings I have had in a long time, despite my pain. I chose to be present in the moment and it was glorious. I felt incredibly blessed and grateful and now full of positivity. Thank you Happynesshub you are helping me so much.