I felt very inspired by Sally’s talk this morning (Day 3). It’s all too easy to write down/think a load of negative thoughts of ‘I can’t do this because…’ Or ‘if I do this I might feel…’ All supposition as you haven’t done the ‘thing’ yet, so how do you know how you will feel. All avoidance techniques we use so often when we are in that cycle of anxiety. Acknowledging to yourself you are in this pattern of thinking is a good start to learn to change.

Not easy though… I found myself last weekend, whilst talking to people I hadn’t seen for a couple of months, regaling them with some of the disasters that have happened this year.  After a few sentences I realised what I was doing and tried to put a more positive spin on them. I also realised that by talking about them I was reliving the anxious feeling of the event… Not good… Lesson learnt, live in the present, the past has gone!!

With this in mind, once or twice in the last two weeks I have spoken firmly to myself when the worries creep in and think of three positives of why I should do it… And how much I WILL enjoy it when I get there. Put this into practise last night and was SO pleased when I came home as I had a really lovely evening.

So the road to less anxiety is positive, happy thoughts and hopefully there will be sunbeams around me.