The Happynesshub

Hub (Def): a centre around which other things revolve or from which they radiate

The Happynesshub is all about bringing together: people, experts, findings and practices, which will enable everyone to lead a happier life. Our goal is to empower YOU to make a positive difference in your life, by providing and sharing toolkits, research, events, retreats and more. Wherever you are in life, emotionally, geographically or otherwise, we hope we will give you some food for thought, some community spirit and a good deal of practical offerings for real and authentic change.

How it all began

I’m Sally. And it’s me who started the Happynesshub. It all began I guess when I was a child and I wondered what happiness was. I was a content kid, but it still didn’t stop me asking that big question: how can I be truly happy? as the usual childhood challenges came my way. Since I’ve ‘grown up’ life has thrown me many curveballs, as it does all of us, and my journey has been like a rollercoaster, at times and all too often the dips have seemed too hard to bear, and at others I’ve ridden the highs and thoroughly enjoyed them. So it got me asking – what is all of this about?

Enter the Happynesshub. I am a trained journalist and work in TV so our research started many years back for a series we developed to ‘Make the Nation Happy’. It was a great idea (one which I am still working on but in a very different guise with a very different title!), and we collaborated with some fabulous and fascinating experts. But very soon I realised that this was an extremely personal journey, one that needed to be approached with great sensitivity and understanding. And that happiness is defined differently for each and every one of us so our paths may be very diverse. This was all about empowering people to make their own changes, creating a ‘hub’ to share tools that create solid emotional foundations and positive differences in their lives. So that is why we are here. To provide you with support and practical offerings, to deliver research and learnings, and to build a community so that we can take this journey together.

A good friend of mine who has worked in wellness for many, many years said to me, “Sally I think there are 3 stages to this”:

One: you have to WANT to evolve.

Two: you must BELIEVE it can happen.

Three: EFFORT is required.

I am hoping that many of you have found the Happynesshub because of number one. On number two, well that is one of the reasons why we are here. To offer you hope and provide evidence that you DO have the power to make those positive changes yourself. And number three – well let’s take this ride together! Off we go.