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"Hi I’m Dena. I have worked in the same company for many years in a variety of roles and am now in a dual role of health and safety and assistant to the company secretary. I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years, and as I am qualified to practise in a few, it would be good to re-engage again with the calm and balance that they bring, and of course to increase my everyday Happyness! When I saw on Sally’s email asking for Happynesshubbers I thought what a good idea, but knowing me thought that I wouldn’t be able to commit to looking at all the emails for three weeks and finding time to go online and blog as I haven’t done it before. I know it only takes a few moments of the day, as I did dip in and out last time, and enjoyed the ones I looked at. My son is Paul, another Happynesshub Hero, and he asked me about becoming a Happynesshub Hero too – I surprised myself when I said yes! I’m excited to have the possibility of committing to start this exciting journey and make it part of my everyday life."

Little Pockets Of Winter Happiness

When the nights draw in I hardly ever seem to see daylight, except from my desk window. The evenings can be long, sedentary and dull. So after some thought; chewing tops of biros, a new spreadsheet, calendar and brainstorming with myself, I decided that a cunning plan is needed to make [...]

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Meditation the Sequel

  Meditation is the path to enlightenment, so sayeth the sooth sayer… it’s also the path to aching muscles, itchy noses, strange unpronounceable mantras that make me chuckle when intoned incorrectly, (they always send my mind off at a tangent of silliness), navel contemplation and more. But, joking apart, I’ve just heard that we [...]

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A Lesson Learned: Making the Most of the Moment

Over the past weeks I've had a couple of brilliant opening sentences in my mind for a happiness blog. I can remember the moment well, a sunny morning driving on the way to work, (yes there was at least one sunny morning), feeling very much in the moment, car finally passed it’s MOT after [...]

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It Was There All The Time

Buried in our subconscious there are many forgotten moments of pure joy, exhilarating experiences, the kind of laughter that leaves you weak at the knees, special magical moments of wonder and awe.  Because of our busy lives and the predominance we have to ponder on the negative, 'what if this happens, I can't [...]

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Cups, Colours and Clutter

Isn't synchronicity wonderful when it happens... Just after my last posting on how much colour enhances my life, I received a surprise present from my son. A beautiful cup and saucer in the most stunning hues, this is definitely Not going to be in the declutter box. I'm sure we have all moved [...]

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