About Geri

“Hate the normal 9 to 5. Love where I live and the community. Like being able to help people where possible. Love my two dogs, so my work is a ‘mash up’ of the two. Some days I wake up not knowing what day it is and what I’m doing that day, as every day can be a surprise and what was planned isn’t actually what’s going to happen. So when confusion sets in I remember the tools I’ve learnt from the Happynesshub. Combined with my diary and a cuppa, it helps me prioritise and get through the day ahead… and breath! “


Being part of the 21 Days has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed being a Hero. I don't think anyone can ever be 100% happy and no matter what we do there are certain aspects in our lives that are out of our control that create sadness, fear and unhappiness. [...]

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I had a phone call on Monday morning from an elderly lady friend. She had fallen at home and asked if I could come to help her. She refused to phone for an ambulance as thought it a waste of their valuable time (she is also very stubborn). After asking her all the [...]

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