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“Hi, I’m Kam and I’m thrilled to have signed up to be a Happynesshub Hero. I have been committed to working on my inner landscape ever since I can remember and I love learning new things that make life that little bit sweeter. I’ve heard great things about the Happynesshub and I’m looking forward to the 21 Days to Happyiness challenge and picking up valuable nuggets of information, putting them into practice and sharing my experiences with you.”

Days of Happiness – What the Week has Meant for Me

I would just like to apologise for not having posted for a while. It’s been a really challenging week, I’ve had lots on, and I’ve been in Manchester with work for the most part, with early morning starts and super late evenings. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been putting into [...]

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Lock, Taking Stock and Jumping Over Life’s ‘Barrels’

There are many times when I feel a bit stressed out at work and home during the day. Being responsible for multiple projects at work means that I’m always awaiting responses from colleagues and it’s often quite time sensitive, but it’s also important to realise that it’s out of my control – [...]

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Sun is Shining, Weather is Sweet – Day 3

Well what a day for Day 3's Happynesshub challenge! "The sun was shining, weather was sweet,made me wanna move my dancing feet" - but all things Bob aside, it was the perfect day for this challenge. I usually walk to work - I find that it really helps clear my mind [...]

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“Happiness is a journey it’s not a destination.” Ben Sweetland

Hi, I’m Kam and I’m so happy to be part of the Happynesshub 21-Day challenge and I’m really and looking forward to all the things I’m going to learn and have a chance to put into practice. I’m really into growing myself as a human being and learning nifty new tips and [...]

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