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Festive Meditations And A Winter Solstice Blessing

Winter solstice is approaching fast, my diary notifies me, on the 21st December. The shortest day of the year and the fewest hours of light. “Oh, that’s great!” is my first thought. Sunlight is coming back! And then, my not very mindfulness-friendly afterthoughts come like an avalanche. Reflection One: In my little world of [...]

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Peanuts And Marta’s Meditations

Hello my Happynesshub friends, I’m really excited and I am a little nervous. I'm excited because I am sharing with you the new body scan meditations. I'm nervous because I'm about to open up about my very personal experiences regarding those meditations. The body scans have become an enlightening part of my mindfulness journey. [...]

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Birthdays, Books and Yoga

Tuesday June 21st, check your diaries, it’s a significant date. Yes, it’s Prince William’s Birthday. Yes, it’s the day that the fifth Harry Potter book was published but more significantly than that, it’s International Yoga Day. An international coming together under a huge yogic umbrella, the worldwide union of lycra and downward dogs. What [...]

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