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I'm a TV director with a background in comedy, science and engineering. Researching and working on the Happynesshub has introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about life - and that's something wonderful.

Nothing Could Be Better

I’m a freelancer, so I often end up working in different places. At the moment I’ve got a bit of a commute to my job, and sometimes this can be exhausting. After a full day at work, I’ve still got to catch a train, wait on a platform, get on another train, [...]

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A Beginner’s Thoughts on Mindfulness

Last week on one of the hottest June days of the last 40 years, I found myself packed into a crowded hall as part of the 1000-strong crowd who were audience to Jon Kabat-Zinn, regarded by many as the father of mindfulness in the Western world. We heard about how in 1979 he [...]

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It’s Time for Happiness

Whenever I tell my friends about the Happynesshub, it’s instantly met with bags of enthusiasm. “Becoming happier – that sounds great!” So I tell them about the 21 Days to Happiness toolkit and the meditations. Simple things that take just a few minutes every day to make us happier. “Oh, I don’t have [...]

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