Well, the big day had arrived, the Happynesshub BBQ. I had been really looking forward to going, meeting other Heroes and of course to see our Sally, Head of Happyness, and her team.  I know how hard she had worked to make sure it would be a big success but the one thing that loomed over us all was the typical unpredictable British weather. (We are never satisfied with it are we? Too hot, too cold, might rain, gosh it is raining, no, the sun’s come out etc… it probably is the most talked about subject ever).

I was greeted by Sally in a stunning gown, looking very glamorous, and of course a big welcoming smile. I immediately recognised our fellow Heroes in the kitchen and it seemed natural to give everyone a hug. We were all trying to put names to faces and remembering who had written which blog – great fun. We were soon sitting in the garden (yes, the sun was peeping through), talking about writing our thoughts down, being a Happynesshub Hero and how the involvement had influenced changes in our lives that we never thought possible (yes, you really can re-train your brain!). Also, we chatted about how we were more aware of everyday things around us that give us great pleasure, that we probably didn’t notice before.

Then, as predicted, the raindrops started, so we all ventured inside to where the table was laden with food, the wafting of the BBQ filled the air, as fearless Heroes started cooking in the drizzle. Guests came from far and wide, the farthest from the borders of Scotland to enjoy the gathering. As the day drew to a close, a good time was had by all and a BIG thank you to our hostess for a wonderful time. (And yes the sun did peep out again).

I’m sure like me you all look forward to the words of wisdom and musings that arrive in our in-boxes every week and I am now enthused to re-visit the Happynesshub site again and remind myself of some of the research, tools and ‘inspirations’ that are there for us to find. For me, it’s the simple things that we do, without thinking, which can really raise our happiness levels – if we let them. So, thanks to the Happynesshub, here’s my list of happy activities that I have recently incorporated more into my life:

Reading: I’m in the middle of a very quirky book by an author who’s new to me and it’s really making me laugh.

Films:  I saw one of the worst films ever on Netflix last week, good cast, terrible script, really weird story, the sort of film you just have to watch until the end to see if it gets any worse – yes it did. But it was still great fun.

Songs: Honestly folks, never miss the chance for a good old warble, in the car, dancing round the lounge, in the bath, hairbrush in hand. In my mind I sing like one of the greats but in real life well… I say no more, but it really does raise the happiness levels.

Activities:  Dinghy sailing is one of my Sunday hobbies but I broke the mould and took the boat out on a Wednesday afternoon training some novices, and then had a go for the first time in a kayak. The Olympic fever took hold as two of us raced kayaks towards the nearest buoy, tried a speedy turn, culminating in more laughter as we made a right hash of it. No medals for us then!

Photos: Something I want to sort out and find some more up-to-date ones that really make me smile, remembering the happy times. It’s on the to-do list!

So, Hubbers, have a look around the Happynesshub website, find your happiness activity for the day and enjoy. Let your hair down, have a good old laugh and before you know it, your happiness levels will be on the up.