Welcome to my “just in case” socks and underwear drawer.

The contents, other than clearly being socks and underwear, are old, full of holes and novelty items. These are all items that I’ve collected over the years and kept “just in case” my washing machine breaks down and I can’t clean my underwear for a month. Or “just in case” there’s a fire and the only things that survive are the contents of this drawer. Or “just in case” I have to dress as a superhero, in which case those giant, silky (not silk), blue elastic pants that I bought from Primark for 50p in the sale will make the perfect accompaniment to some colourful tights, also buried somewhere in the drawer.

Since this drawer was filled a year ago it has not been opened. Until today.

It’s time I let go.

Fairwell knock off Hello Kitty pants I had when I was 10. Good bye floral fashion tights that I was never brave enough to wear. Ta-ra odd socks. I know together you make a pair and I thank you for your practical use and creativity. Alas, I MUST let go.

Now… what can I clear out next…?