As the sun filtered through the curtains this morning casting a rainbow of colours through my hanging crystal, I suddenly realised just how much colours always make me smile and lift my spirits. When I’m at work I always write in different colour pens, never the standard blue or boring black for me. Fluorescent greens, bright pink, mystical purple, turquoise blue to name a few. My notebook is a myriad of life and vibrance, even thought the words are serious and demanding creating tasks to be fulfilled with deadlines.

When I first moved in to my new home the decision of ‘what colour did I want the walls, bathroom and which light fittings do I choose’ swirled around my head every day. You can imagine my delight when I finally turned the hall light on when I saw all the reflective patterns on the walls which made rainbow patterns on my bed.

Many years ago to my father’s horror I bought a bright orange car and decorated it with swirly patterns which I thought was classy… probably not.  My dinghy is banana yellow with a cerise flag on top of the mast, at one point in my life I had purple hair to the disgust of the other mothers in the playground.

I really think that during the past days of the HH I have realised that there are more things I think and do that raise my spirits in ways I had nor realised or forgotten.

Finally after weeks of cursing a broken kettle lid I bought a new one… and guess what, it lights up in five different colours as it boils.