Isn’t synchronicity wonderful when it happens… Just after my last posting on how much colour enhances my life, I received a surprise present from my son. A beautiful cup and saucer in the most stunning hues, this is definitely Not going to be in the declutter box.

I’m sure we have all moved a few times in our lives and swore that next time we won’t collect so much ‘stuff’, as the boxes pile up. The time before my recent move, my Dad ‘helped’ clear out our house. What I didn’t realise was he took so much home with him that was ‘in case you need it for a rainy day, or it might come in useful’. When he passed, I then had to dispose of my belongings again and all of his clutter stored for many years. (Why do we keep old bits of broken tools, furniture, mystery metal bits? Heaven knows.)

I had what I thought was a decent clear out when I moved but still had a garage full of boxes, as time has gone by I am going through them and being ruthless. As I haven’t many shelves or units yet, what I do bring into the house must have meaning and a special significance, so Sally is right, if it doesn’t resonate good vibes, out it goes.