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Thanks for all of your honest responses. I keep on returning to this thought. It’s such a funny one because our moods and circumstances fluctuate so much that I’m finding it difficult to pin point my base level…

When I’m thinking rationally I would say I’m a solid 7, even possibly an 8, as I like to think I’m an optimistic person, with a lot of hope and love and general joy. But when I asked my partner yesterday, he immediately said 2! Yikes!

He was joking, slightly, but he had a point. Because he’s the person who sees me in my most vulnerable moments – when I’m tried, feeling overworked, feeling like I’m not living up to expectations – personally and professionally, worried that not paying my friends the attention they deserve, and feeling like the weight of world is resting on my shoulders (which I clearly know it’s not) – he is well acquainted with my anxious (and slightly impatient) side.

So that brings me back to: what is my ‘happy number’?

Am I being too optimistic in saying 7 when I know that more often than I’d like I’m in some sort of state that warrants my other half to jokingly (but not 100% jokingly) say 2?

Or does the fact that in my times of clarity – being well-rested helps (as does eating well, fitting in exercise and getting fresh air) – I’m able to be at peace with the going-ons in life, even when the circumstances aren’t the happiest or easiest, overrule these not so happy moments and make way for my number 7 to remain firm?

I like to think my optimism wins. So I’m sticking with 7.