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  • Sallyann Keizer
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    What things, however big or small, are you grateful for?


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    I’m grateful for having good health

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    One of my mates bought me dinner last night and I’m very grateful:)

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    I have been a very bad example of Happyhero. Been out more than in, despite cardiac health problems.

    I have been inspired by the international violin competition at riyal academy if music, 4 of the finalist competitors played at Royal Festival Hall on Saturday. Age from 16 to 20 . The winner and 2nd were the 16 yr olds.

    I have explained previously that music is my passion. Apart from eating out.

    Thus morning, took it east, had my free waitrose coffee and this afternoon intend to walk at Ruislip lido which is only 7 minutes drive from where I live.

    Sorry Sally that you are unwell once again, and wish you a speedy recovery. We have to resume our game of rummikuub,

    The sun is out which is a real tonic,

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    Harry – that’s so exciting the girls won the competition. What an amazing opportunity for them and hopefully it’ll open up many doors for them in the future.

    It must have been wonderful for you to witness the event and hear the music! Music really is a lifeline in so many ways that has the ability to transcend cultures, ages, and historical periods. I’m definitely very grateful that we’re able to bring colour into our lives through hearing the art that others are able to produce.

    And even though I can’t particularly play an instrument it is fun making music of my own, even if it’s just through playing with cutlery or attempting to sing along with the radio.

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. And it’s great to see that you are able to be thankful for the simple things. The sun shining, visiting a beautiful location and fresh coffee are certainly some of life’s pleasures that put a smile on my face.

    Hope you have a fab day.

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    I’m grateful for my wonderful acupuncturist who pops the needles in exactly the right place. After the treatment the muscle in my hip is beaten into submission and I can walk properly again.

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    of course i’m very grateful because we can see the beautiful God’s creation every day no matter how small or how big they are. Because i fell that i am is the biggest fans of those beautiful thing, then i turn it in to a florist online shop. This is my current business with a hope to let people know beautiful things is always among us, every day in our lives.

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