Friday Friends

Week 1


We as humans, are social creatures and so, have an innate need for social bonds. Social bonds and connection prevent loneliness. According to James House et al. from the University of Michigan, loneliness can not only cause an emotional impact (such as higher stress levels and social withdrawal) but can also affect our physical health! If we are to avoid this, we must find creative and innovative ways to stay connected.

“Loneliness, far from revealing some defect, is proof that your innate search for connection is intact”
– Martha Beck

So today is about strengthening feelings of connection and overcoming loneliness.


Today’s task is creating a social calendar for the week. Make a plan so that each day involves doing something social, however small: an evening phone call with a family member, doing a quiz with friends via zoom, a home ‘pub night’ with regulars via video call, even watching a TV programme with a friend on the end of the phone. Making these arrangements with others will remind you that you are not alone in this. Get them locked in the calendar and stick to them!

Bonus tip: think about who might be feeling down and might need to hear from you, why not incorporate them into the above plans?
10 minutes


Need more tips? Here are 10 ways to relieve loneliness during isolation.
5 minutes


Check out this TED Talk from Baya Voce on why we should be taking loneliness seriously and how to tackle it. How can you apply and adapt what she says to the current period?
15 minutes