Hi, I’m Kam and I’m so happy to be part of the Happynesshub 21-Day challenge and I’m really and looking forward to all the things I’m going to learn and have a chance to put into practice. I’m really into growing myself as a human being and learning nifty new tips and tricks that could make things easier and quicker, save me time, money or add richness and quality to my life.

I enjoy my job; at the moment I’m a Project Manager for a local authority, but like most people I have a creative side that I yearn to unleash on the world. Am I ready to do that? Do I think I have what it takes? Heck no, it’s far too soon to share all that at the moment – I’m really not brave enough yet. Watch this space though… I’ll keep you posted because I’m hoping that being part of the 21 Days will help me edge gently forward.

In the meantime, I am happy with my 9-5 job and using any down time for my creative endeavours. I love to meditate, (I’ve qualified as a meditation teacher), read and write. I’m also a part time makeup artist and I’m just starting to paint again after a 15 year absence.

My life at the moment has its challenges – as do we all and although I’m a natural optimist, I have had some very dark times in my life, as most of us do. I used to hate feeling like that – paralysed by fear and helplessness most of the time and I’d wonder why I’d been thrown into these unforgiving situations. It wasn’t ‘til much later that I discovered that the ‘situation’ itself didn’t even matter and that how I felt was everything.

I mean you could put two people in the exact same situation and due to mindset and mental awareness one would go into a downward spiral whilst the other would thrive. This got me to thinking… and I realised that it wasn’t the situation itself; it was the person and their emotional awareness that either helped or hindered them. I then set out to read up as much as I could about those that thrive and I found an underlying theme – that the people who did, made conscious steps forward to choose better feelings and were willing to learn and implement new ideas that would help them. They chose to feel better feelings – choosing happiness over their challenges. Step by step, day by day until they started seeing the changes they wanted to see.

Not easy, but not impossible – I’ve started putting this into practice in my own life. It’s a daily choice and sometimes it’s an easy one. Sometimes it’s an uphill struggle, but the main thing is to just keep going a little at a time, even if some days it’s just a baby step. That’s okay, because to me that’s still one baby step forward and that’s in the right direction.

How we feel is everything. How we feel will dictate how we interact with everything around us in our day, and what choices we make in every given moment.  It’s all hinged on how you are feeling inside. If you’re feeling great, you choose well and you make good choices. When you’re not feeling so good, your choices can be a bit off centre – we’ve all been there!

Every day we make choices – literally hundreds of choices throughout the day. What to wear, what to eat for breakfast, where to meet our friends, what restaurant or takeaway we’re going to have and the list goes on and on. And most importantly we make choices on how we’ve decided to feel. We might not always be aware of it but I guarantee you that you we are all making choices in every moment. And those moments will add up to create our lives….

I’m super excited to be part of the Happynesshub challenge, as I am sure that I’m going to learn about some amazing tools and tips over the 21 days to help me to make better choices everyday, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I find, and how I’ve been putting the ideas and suggestions into my life with you all!

Wishing love and luck to all those that are going to be doing the 21 day challenge too!

Kam xxx