Uplifting Inspirations

Numerous studies have found that the best way to achieve fulfilling and lasting happiness – and, ultimately, greatest life satisfaction – is to regularly do a variety of activities that a) have meaning, b) are fully engaging, and c) pursue pleasure.

So why not indulge a little!

Try out our Happy Activities or be inspired by our Happy Snaps.

And we’ve also some recommended uplifting books and films to indulge in.

Heat up the popcorn; grab a blanket; maybe even invite some friends over to share the enjoyment; and prepare to laugh, cry and be encouraged.

For more tried and tested tips to boost your mood subscribe to our 21 Days to Happiness package, which provides an extensive toolkit you can take away and work on to build a longer, lasting happiness and improve your overall mental well-being.

Want to know more about why it’s important to indulge in enjoyable moments? Check out our Finding Happiness research page.

What are YOUR Uplifting Inspirations? All suggestions are welcome!