Hello hello!

My warmest welcome from the Happynesshub. Whether you discovered us through a family member, friend, online or elsewhere, we hope that in the variety of resources we have to offer, something somewhere will be of support to your mind, body and heart. This is my gift to you.

And so it gives me great joy to introduce and welcome you to:

Happynesshub at Home

Our brand new offering is here to help you navigate the lifestyle changes that come with being at home.

This package is in memory of our inaugural Happynesshub member, Harry Israel Green. As our eldest Hubber at the age of 88, Harry embraced our philosophy of sharing love, prioritising community and kindness, fulfilling purpose, and relishing the present moment. I hope that our offering may be there for you during these challenging times, with whatever is going on for you right now.

Happynesshub at Home is designed to be something simple and flexible, to incorporate into your daily routine, whether you have only two minutes or find yourself with two hours on your hands. During a time like this, taking things day by day, being in the present, and not concerning ourselves with a future that we cannot control can be of great benefit. And so, each day we are sharing something new on the Happynesshub website, that is specifically designed to contribute to our wellbeing during the current situation.

The package will take a weekly structure based on the following themed days:

Monday Motivation

Take-Time Tuesday

Wednesday Wisdom

Thursday Thoughts

Friday Friends

Super Saturday

Simple Sunday

So please do visit the Happynesshub website and click subscribe to join us on this journey as we empower ourselves, build resilience, embrace the positive and share the highlights.

For now, I will leave you with a little something that certainly put a smile on my face, and I hope it puts one on yours.

And please do share our offering with as many people as possible who you think it may benefit. I look forward to hearing your updates and thoughts.

With love and hugs from afar; please stay safe!

Sally x