Happy World Kindness Day! And wishing you a year full of kindness, compassion and love from all of us here at Happynesshub HQ. World Kindness Day is a UN-organised day where we celebrate all things kindness. As you’ll know, kindness is one of my favourite things ever – at the heart of our 21 day package and at the heart of all we do.

On this note I would love to share with you one of my favourite songs about kindness, from my dear friend Nimo whose work with Empty Hands Music offers free music around the world to spread love, kindness and all things good.

Speaking of sharing, here is something else that made me smile at the weekend you may enjoy. How could it fail to bring a spring to my step – wellbeing, dogs and a Labrador like Archie Archibald!

On this week’s theme of kindness a little story from myself from the last couple of weeks. Recently, I ended up at A&E with my concussion. After 8 hours and 16 different doctors and nurses – I had received nothing but kindness throughout the whole of my visit. Each and every one of the NHS staff were totally lovely and thoughtful – and after sitting in a chair silently, pretty content given I was not as unwell as most people in the Department, I realised when I got home that I’d actually pretty much made my way through most of the 21 Days, one tool at a time! ‘How?’ you may ask. Well here goes…

For hours I sat there silently, with just the hospital sounds around me. I practiced present moment awareness, connecting to my senses, and using my friend Steph’s meditation approach of focusing on sounds in particular to ground and be present in the moment. As someone who started her career in radio, it was fascinating to listen to the cacophony of sounds in a busy medical environment.

As well as silently meditating, I received great kindness from all the wonderful staff, and on my part shared smiles and I hope conversations of kindness as best I could. I also felt and expressed great gratitude for the fact that I was in a better state than most people. And, of course, I was ever grateful for the NHS that looked after me despite the immense ongoing pressure on it.

Other tools that I realised I had put to good use were the Phone Sabbath/ Digital Detox – my phone was off the entire time and of course no devices. And then on to self-compassion. I knew it would be a long old wait so I had been careful to pack a bag with water and wear comfy, cosy clothes, ensuring I treated myself as kindly as possible in this process. I also used visualisation to imagine myself at Christmas, feeling more well and with loved ones.

While this experience was far from an awe walk, I did feel a sense of awe towards the doctors and medical staff at the work they were doing and the lives they were most apparently saving and supporting. And of course, a key tool was that, before I arrived, I made a conscious decision to make the most of this time and to approach it with an open heart and mind. As it happens, I was there longer than expected, yet I truly did walk out feeling like I’d had a positive experience; a reminder of the importance of choosing your happiness.

Indeed, on Monday morning, the next day, it hit me that I have very much integrated these tools into my daily life. So perhaps unexpectedly, I came away from my hospital time with a sense of peace (of course helped by the good news that there was no damage to my skull or brain!).

So, Hubbers, here’s to kindness – in all its shapes and forms. I truly think alongside love and compassion it makes the world go round. And a very big Happy World Kindness day to everyone! If you feel so moved, do consider taking another look at the 21 Days to Happiness – it brings me great joy to think that the package can help people as much as it has done me.