‘Lockdown was difficult. Despite being extremely lucky in my circumstances – a roof over my head with family, a good job throughout the period, a new yoga habit – I could feel the restrictions impacting me and my mental health. There wasn’t a burning desire to be out and about, seeing throngs of people – just a sadness, a low mood, that was neither debilitating, nor overwhelming. Just there. Simmering.

I write this as another government announcement is imminent. Cases are on the rise. Things are uncertain. Winter is coming. We don’t know what next week will hold. I’m feeling apprehensive and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Things are really hard, aren’t they?

But these feelings come and go. On the whole I’m pretty content. Strange isn’t it? I’ve got a new little bundle of joy in the form of my puppy Nelly (quite literally – she is the happiest, friendliest dog in the world). I had a lovely time going camping a couple of weeks ago with some friends. I’ve been eating yummy food, seeing loved ones, and watching some great telly.

Life is good. And yet the world is in chaos.

I’m a big fan of balance. Tree position – yes. But also balance in life. I’m the person that will never do work after I’ve had my dinner. Evenings are for chilling, not working. Balancing socialising and being alone, exercise and stillness. I think life – and indeed coping with mental health – is about finding just the right amount of everything. Life is like baking a cake. Things don’t work out if there isn’t the right balance of flour, sugar and butter. Balance it out.

So, after all that ramble. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that even though things are strange, uncertain, and difficult, that is not the whole of life. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the negative, make the effort to do more of what makes you happy – whether that be long walks outside, speaking to friends, cooking a lovely meal. As the lovely Adriene Mishler always says ‘Find what feels good’.

The world is overwhelming at the moment, but all that means is focussing a little harder on the positive. Life is about balance. Find balance, and we’ll all be okay.’