This year, one thing I want to happen is to practise more silence, and more listening. I don’t necessarily mean talking less (that’s unlikely to happen), but rather I want to experience more silence, and listen better. This world can feel so full of noise – TV, traffic, radio, intercoms, chatter. Being very much a child of the 21st century, I’ve realised that I almost don’t know how to be in silence. My instinct is always to put on my headphones when I go for a walk or anything like that, and I even play sounds to fall asleep to, often. I really want to get more comfortable with silence, and stop overloading my ears so much – but, on the flip side, I also want to listen more. I’m guilty of scrolling through my phone while I’m watching TV, or shutting off a 3 minute video after 20 seconds because it seems too long. So, I’m looking to break those habits, and strengthen my ability to focus on a single source of information – none of this compulsive media multi-tasking anymore!

I think I’ll work towards a full Digital Detox – difficult in the continued lockdown, but reducing overstimulation will hopefully be a good start. Peace for my ears, and peace for my mind – what could be better!

By Flic