It’s been 7 days of more hospital appointments, growing weakness and at times, I can’t deny, feeling a tad sorry for myself.  For any of you out there who have been chronically unwell – mentally, physically or both, you will know it can be isolating, frightening and make you question, question and question the world all over again. But last weekend I decided to venture out – I’d booked a hair appointment a while back and that always cheers me up – plus my friend was holding a small gathering… it was a year to the day since she split with her partner of a decade, and she wanted to celebrate all of the positives she had embraced moving on. I was determined to make it, even if I just popped in for an hour.

Foggy headed, and feeling low, I wondered into a shop en-route to buying her anniversary card, and as the girls behind the counter asked me what I was doing tonight, I relayed how I was hoping very much to be at my friend’s anniversary event. I told them how she had so strongly moved on, traveled around South America, lost four stone, set up a new business, meditated daily, and embraced the positives in life, whilst always offering to cook for me or help me out in times of need. The young girls were ecstatic – ‘what an inspiration’ they said, as we continued to chat. It was the first proper conversation that was non-health I had had in a few days and I could feel my spirits lifting talking about something positive. As I went to leave the girls gave me a card – here’s a gift voucher for your friend – tell her congratulations from us and to pop in and see us – and they scribbled a hand-written note on the card. I couldn’t believe it – the kindness of those two young girls I had only just met flowed from their faces, and this kindness was soon to be passed on to my friend.

And it was then I decided to recall how much kindness had quietly been going on around me this past week. I had successfully focused on the bad: the doctors, the tests, the worry, the pain. But it was time to focus on the good: the ongoing care from my parents, friends offering to walk Archie for me, cook for me, ‘whatever you need just let us know’ messages. People going out of their way to visit, to check in, to send me supportive notes. All of this is easily forgotten as you sit in the waiting room of yet another consultant. But the kindness was there, from strangers too now. I remembered that, despite all of the news, the doom and gloom that so often surrounds us, there is so much goodness and kindness around – if only we pay attention to it.

So in this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you a beautiful film about kindness and paying forward. It’s from a lovely children’s project called Hope Works, that you may have heard me talk about before. It’s called Give a Hand. It’s only 3 minutes and I think it will make you smile!

So Hubbers, my message this week is one of gratitude to all who have been so kind. And also to say, as we often do here at Happynesshub HQ, this week, go out of your way for someone in need. Show them you care. Show them you are there. It will make the world of difference to them. And I can tell you, it will make you feel fab as well!