Over the past weeks I’ve had a couple of brilliant opening sentences in my mind for a happiness blog. I can remember the moment well, a sunny morning driving on the way to work, (yes there was at least one sunny morning), feeling very much in the moment, car finally passed it’s MOT after a trial run, the bill wasn’t too bad and the old girl is good for another year….favourite song on the radio with me warbling along, my boss was on holiday and the garden centre beckoning in the lunch hour. I had a vision of the most witty, insightful blog that was taking shape in my mind, the moment I sat at my desk the day started and I didn’t write a word down. Blast!!

Well, a few days have passed since then and my carefully planned, activity filled bank holiday break has gone. It was going to be great; sailing, tennis, a trip to a historic home with picnic etc…. But in reality I landed up lazing around the house with a bug, I was really disappointed I didn’t do any of it. So, time to reflect on just how was I feeling? Looking at my notes from the three weeks of the Happynesshub (Sally’s wise hints and tips neatly listed with print-outs of my favourite Happynesshub Heroes blogs), I realised just how much I enjoyed reading everyone’s musings, being part of a group of like minded people, all with different lives, challenges, ups and downs, just like me. We are all willing to share, to really want to change our way of thinking and, when the chips are down, (like my weekend), live in the moment and make the best of it.

So, sitting in bed in between the thumps of a headache I made a list; I was grateful that I had enough food in the house for the weekend as I didn’t feel like going out. I could phone a couple of friends I hadn’t heard from for a while (we had a good laugh so that cheered me up). I would actually have time to watch a favourite film all the way through. Then my iPad decided it wasn’t going to play any more, (digital detox here we come), this gave me the chance to start a new book for the discussion next week. On looking out the bedroom window, I really took notice of just how many different types of birds were landing on the closest tree, watched the red kites being chased by smaller birds, nature at it’s best. I heard the ice cream van chimes and the laughter of the children queuing up for a treat, the chatter of neighbours who were gardening, the odd expletive at a squashed thumb where the hammer had missed. After making a cuppa, I then decided to have a rest and listened to Marta’s 20 minute meditation which left me in a smiley haze of relaxation.

Later that evening, I realised that I had forgotten how grotty and sorry for myself I was feeling and was rather enjoying the time for me and everything I had experienced in those moments.

What was my happiness number at  the end of the day? It was a 7, which was much better than the mornings’ 2. I realised that thinking that I could only be happy when I was better was a silly thought as there were so many things I could do  – and did – to cheer myself up. All due to the good advice of the Happynesshub and of course the wise words of my son.

A lesson learned, make the most of the moment you are in right now. On thinking about it my ‘lost weekend’ wasn’t so bad after all. Worst thing was, I ran out of chocolate!