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Meditation is the path to enlightenment, so sayeth the sooth sayer… it’s also the path to aching muscles, itchy noses, strange unpronounceable mantras that make me chuckle when intoned incorrectly, (they always send my mind off at a tangent of silliness), navel contemplation and more. But, joking apart, I’ve just heard that we all have a treat to look forward to, new meditations from Magical Marta are coming our way soon. Yippee! Every time I listened to my favourites, I would always hear something I hadn’t noticed before which kept them fresh, but I can’t wait to hear the new ones… I’m striking the pose in readiness.

I have had many years dipping in and out of the practice, experiencing different styles, positions, bongs, chimes and bells, and have been brought back into regular meditation thanks to the Happynesshub.

I recently downloaded Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Sessions on the iPad App – this style is chanting a short mantra every time your mind wanders from the breath and concentration. Listening to his dulcet tones I was having trouble with the exact phonetics of the sentence, until after three sessions I realised that it was written on the introduction!

On the bright side I have been on some visualisations that have taken me to mystical places, crystal caves, waterfalls, mountain tops, outer space (oops got a bit carried away, just seen the Star Trek film – awesome). I digress… almost like an adventure, for someone like me with a vivid imagination, this type of meditation suits me well.

But, I hear you ask (or not if you haven’t read this far), “Has she had any benefit from all of this?” Yes actually, to my surprise, I have. Why am I surprised? Well, it sort of crept up on me a couple of weeks ago: the feeling of contentment, the ability to let things go much more easily, annoying times just washing over me, and generally taking more pleasure in the simple things. And to my delight feeling my Happyness levels rise up the scale to 10 quite a few times. YAAAY!

So, find those 5 minutes and enjoy the journey – any time, any place, anywhere… Gosh sounds like the old Martini advert!

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"Hi I’m Dena. I have worked in the same company for many years in a variety of roles and am now in a dual role of health and safety and assistant to the company secretary. I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years, and as I am qualified to practise in a few, it would be good to re-engage again with the calm and balance that they bring, and of course to increase my everyday Happyness! When I saw on Sally’s email asking for Happynesshubbers I thought what a good idea, but knowing me thought that I wouldn’t be able to commit to looking at all the emails for three weeks and finding time to go online and blog as I haven’t done it before. I know it only takes a few moments of the day, as I did dip in and out last time, and enjoyed the ones I looked at. My son is Paul, another Happynesshub Hero, and he asked me about becoming a Happynesshub Hero too – I surprised myself when I said yes! I’m excited to have the possibility of committing to start this exciting journey and make it part of my everyday life."

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  1. Marta August 3, 2016 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    Ten out of ten! You are my hero Dena!

    Big thanks for that most wonderful testimonial to the practice of meditation. Isn’t every single slot of time you practice like an investment? A build up to that brilliant state of control, contentment and calm thatso effortlessly becomes a part of life?
    So wherever on a scale of ten we are each day, things are OK. Well, most of the time… 😉
    With love,

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