When I was younger I liked to go shopping for clothes, shoes, make up, etc, etc. A great girlie Saturday was to meet up, have lunch and shop till we dropped!

I remember having so many clothes to choose from that if there was a night out (and there were many) I was in a blind panic about what to wear… clothes were on, off… you get the picture, stuff all over the floor!!

Oh how those days have changed. As well as not having the ‘need more clothes’ piggy bank I once had, I would now rather have just enough clothes that I get to wear them all.

I have a rule now that if I haven’t worn something during the same season the year before then I drop it to the local charity shop. I’ve never regretted it except for accidentally including in a bag my favourite BIBA coat and dress (which I’d worn during the 70’s)… And yes, I’m that old!!!

It’s not just all about possessions though. Since I have got into the habit of having ‘a good old clear out’ I’ve noticed that the practise also does a lot to clear your mind and head space.

I can actually find things that I’m looking for… which not only saves time but helps with panic and worry.

Sometimes during the clear out I come across an item that a friend may have mentioned they’ve been meaning to buy so you can also help someone as well as helping yourself.

The whole action makes you stop and think that we really do have too much that we don’t need materially. Having too much now makes me feel stressed.

Minimal Possessions = Maximum Happiness!