Monday Motivation

Week 2



Today’s resource is here to help you rethink your purpose. While at home, it is important for us to maintain a sense of purpose, and in turn stay motivated. Increasingly, research is showing that a sense of purpose is important, not only for a meaningful life, but also for our physical health.

“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”
– Helen Keller


With our daily roles being subject to potential change, acknowledging our purpose can be useful. Why not take 5 minutes to write a list of the things that make you different – your passions, your gifts and talents? Then, looking at your list, think about how you might apply some of those attributes at this time, to perhaps help or support others. Remember your value and act!
10 minutes+


The Mouth of Purpose

Life is a vast spiral tangled in the mouth of purpose
We are human and live as one regardless if we are aware or not
Life has meaning and purpose is a wonderful word
We are more then we were taught to believe
Take a slave who is humble, honest and meek
Conceived in chains that crumble, worthless and weak
When this slave has a voice to honestly speak
Purpose will be what sets this slave free

I beg you to question everything until the truth is alive and heard
Limitations are not superior to the little information we all incur

Hesitation is a noun not a verb

Take first place instead of third
Close your eyes to the blinding veil
All your thoughts are overheard
I take this cup of purpose and drink
With all my might I take this flesh and dip my ink
The wrong is blinded by the light
I am born to dream in life
I die from life to finally see
I think my dreams are born in me
Without this I am nothing

Life is a vast spiral tangled in the mouth of purpose
Life has meaning and purpose is a wonderful word

By Jonathan Maraccini

2 minutes


If you have a little more time today, I would encourage you to listen to Oprah and Jack Canfield on this podcast, discussing how we can align our vision and goals to fulfil our purpose.
30 minutes