Monday Motivation

Week 6


Over the past five weeks, Monday Motivations have been about finding the things that make us happy and feel positive – whether that be activities, music or even the way we think about the changes we are experiencing. For our final Monday Motivation, we are going to extend discussion to the places that give us a boost.

‘Happy Places’ are the places which we can go to find calm, comfort or even draw energy from. According to Dr Jaime Kulaga, stepping away to this space allows your mind to destress, make clearer headed decisions and see things from alternate perspectives, while also enabling you to remain present.

So how do we find this place whilst we are largely at home?

“Everyone has a happy place, the scene that comes into view when you close your eyes and let your mind transport you to the dot on the globe where life is cozy, safe, warm.” – Sarah Jio


The good news is, your happy place doesn’t need to be real, nor do you have to physically be there to benefit from it. Today’s activity is to dream up your happy place. Use a pen and paper if you want, or simply close your eyes and visualise. Map out a place that feels safe, secure, problem free – one that makes your mind and heart smile. Describe your surroundings there – think about what you can see, hear and smell. Can you feel a breeze on your skin? The warmth of the sun on your body? Are you in water? In the snow? It can be anything you like – your imagination is your oyster!
Once you have dreamt it up, take 5 minutes. Set yourself a timer, close your eyes and simply take yourself to your custom made happy place!
15 minutes+


By Yoli Ramazzina: 

Take me back—

to those red, rocky mountains
to that long, winding creek
to the lush green trees
and singing birds.

Take me back
to the brilliant sun shining
in a clear, blue sky.

Take me higher—
up above that small, hippie town,
a world of its own.

Take me higher,
way up the canyon
to that rustic lodge,
adorned with twinkling white lights.

Take me higher still,
higher up the mountain,
winding up the narrow mountain road,
as we spot rock-climbers,
dangling precariously from twisted ropes.

Take me higher—
let the elevation rise.
My ears pop and clear
as each mile marker goes by.

Until we come to that grand body of water,
that reservoir of blue,
amidst the green foliage
and sunny skies.

Take me to that small, mountain town:
The water land,
a quiet oasis above
bustling Boulder below.

Take me back to that quaint cafe,
with the dangling metal heart,
and warm patio,
and wooded walls.

The scent of strong, black coffee
in the air.
Fair trade, organic,
lemon, cocoa powder, and tobacco leaf.

and friends,
and coffee,
and laughter.

Bike bells chiming,
as cyclists drift in
for lattes—
or perhaps, a cold craft beer.

The scent of sativa in the air,
dogs barking,
crystals sparkling in the windows,
fresh-baked cookies from the co-op.

Take me back to my happy place…
Take me back to Nederland.


If you would like to consider how to create a positive space in the home, consider Clarissa Findlay’s 10 tips here.
2 minutes