I have a bit of an emotional week ahead. I’m going to the scattering of ashes of 2 very close friends….ironically both in the same week. But I have today thought of the word GRATITUDE and instead of feeling sad about the forthcoming events I feel extremely grateful that I had the opportunity of:

  1. Being part of two inspirational people’s lives.
  2. How one of the friends enriched my life, taught me how to be strong, the act of forgiveness, and introduced me to so many wonderful people whom, I hope, will be in my life for a long time!
  3. And, how my other “life long” friend taught me how someone could be so courageous when faced with terminal illness and carry on with dignity and still care so much about others!
So I am bursting with GRATITUDE and will think of that word when I am saying goodbye to these 2 lovely friends!
Thank you Day 1 of HH, as it has made me stop and think!!!!