My week has been filled with extremely varying emotions. I have spent most of it rehearsing for exams and gigs, both for me and for other people. I wave goodbye to a tiring week of unpleasant performance feedback and little sleep, only to greet a weekend of work (I’m a part time sales rep for Canon printers). For this reason, I haven’t been able to partake in Happyness Hub’s “digital detox”- much of my job includes reporting back to my agency, taking pictures of different models in store and posting them to my boss.

I have, however, made use of Marta’s Emergency Meditation. Waking up to debilitating anxiety is never welcome, and upon becoming a Happyness Hero, I decided to eliminate all excuses for letting anxiety get the better of me. I am no longer accepting anxiety as something that will force me to spend more time that is necessary, sorting myself out. So the other day, I spent a mere two minutes just being present. Thinking about my breathing, how my hands fell on my lap, and how my crossed legs felt on the bed. Marta, as I have learned over the years, is a huge fan of flowery language and colourful metaphors. This particular session of meditation was no exception. She refers to the unwanted thoughts that often cause anxiety, as clouds. Some, she says, are thick and dark, some are wispy and thin. But what gave me the greatest comfort was the moment she said that regardless of the size and appearance of these clouds, they pass. They may seem overwhelming and intimidating, but they are not permanent. For me, the trick is often to actually acknowledge the fact that these negative thoughts are there, so that I can allocate them their time, and then entertain them no more. Marta confirmed that this method is not only effective in achieving peace of mind, but essential, for me.

To Marta, and her scintillating words, her peaceful energy and constant willingness to help others.