Can’t believe that I had forgotten what it is like to find myself creased up, stomach aching, short of breath and laughing my socks off…

Monday saw a group of my friends starting to play our sedate version of tennis. As we are all of a certain age there are quite a few aches and pains. Dodgy knees, bad back, cut toe, arthritic wrist, etc (and that’s just me). We shuffled about the court for an hour and a half, groaning, huffing and puffing as we picked up balls, hit what we hoped would be stunning winning shots. We are a lively bunch and soon were chuckling at our mishaps. As there were 5 of us we all tried to be the one who was sitting out for the longest time. As you can imagine the list of injuries grew with every chance of a rest. This escalated to epic proportions and soon we were all leaning over the net unable to speak with laughter.

One of us said, this is doing me more good than tennis!

So my aim is to let my silly sense of humour off the leash and see the funny side of life – daily.