Simple Sunday

Week 3


This Simple Sunday we are focussing on something wholesome and incredibly important – laughter.

Laughter has brilliant health benefits such as reducing stress and boosting the immune system. In many cases, a sense of humour has been known to be an important coping mechanism during setbacks and times of adversity.

So go and get giggling!

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.”
– Stephen King


Do 3 minutes of guided laughter.
3 minutes


Read aloud:

I (your name), VOW to laugh at the small things in life.
I (your name), VOW to take the time to look for giggles.
I (your name), VOW to connect daily with my inner child.
I (your name), VOW to remember that laughter helps my body to be well.
I (your name), VOW to help the gaffaw impaired learn to giggle too.
I (your name), VOW (add your own personal vow here).

1 minute


And finally, here is a list of the best comedies currently on Netflix. Have a chilled one – it’s Sunday after all!
Many hours if you aren’t careful…