Simple Sunday

Week 4


Today, we are doing a Digital Detox for Simple Sunday. We are constantly experiencing an information overload, particularly about the current crisis – so today is about mindfully stepping away from it.

Whilst technology may be more important than ever right now, it’s good to make sure that we carve out temporary time away from our screens. Research indicates that high smartphone and internet use can negatively impact attention, memory and learning capacity.

So, every now and then join us in a digital detox!


Today’s task is simple: spend at least one hour doing something that doesn’t involve a screen. Put your phone and any other devices in a different room and have some non-screen time. Perhaps you’ll do a puzzle, some mindfulness colouring or drawing, maybe you’ll read a book. Whatever it is, give the no-screen activity a go!
1 hour+


For a quick outline of the science behind our relationship with technology, watch this animation.
4 minutes


For more detail on why technology is actually making us less efficient, read this article by Daniel J Levitin.
15 minutes