Spotting the Positive

I love today’s Day 3 challenge as I have used it since the last 21 Days. Whenever my journey to work isn’t going so smoothly, I focus my attention on all the positive things happening. Today I saw someone give up their seat for a lady carrying her small child.

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The Happynesshub has helped me in the past to be more positive and not let the little things that used to annoy me, annoy me anymore. To appreciate everything I have got in life, and not focus on the negative. This is why I will be taking part in the next 21 Days to Happiness package, feeding back, learning more, and spreading the Happynesshub joy.

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  1. Sallyann Keizer April 13, 2016 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Phoebe you’re the master of positive focus! Rock on girl! xxx

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