Super Saturday

Week 2

This week for Super Saturday, Ilana is sharing some thoughts on something that is making her very happy at the moment, something that resonates with our theme of ‘caring for the body’ from Take-Time Tuesday!

Ilana says: “During this period of lockdown, I’ve really tried to make the most of time at home and rediscover old hobbies. This has ranged from doing a 2000 piece puzzle, to sketching, and even unearthing the old school computer game, Sims! But there is one thing I’ve been doing that has really brought me a lot of comfort, and that is Yoga. Together with my mum, I have committed to practicing yoga every day – usually between 20 minutes and half an hour. It has become an early evening ritual – we shut ourselves in our ‘Mind and Body Studio’ (previously known as the lounge), and take the time to be present, mindful, and active. Thank you Mum for helping me to rekindle my yogi love, and, actually, thank you lockdown for bringing yoga back into my life! #positivefocus.”

Is there something you can similarly fit into your daily routine? Thank you Ilana for sharing, it’s always great to hear about what our Hubbers are up to!

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