Super Saturday

Week 4

Today’s Super Saturday is about the lovely Avrill Stark, who has been using the current situation to support her wonderful mum in creating something truly positive, whilst also strengthening the connection they both have.

While staying at their separate homes in Australia, Avrill suggested to her mum that she write her own life story. To help her mum focus her account, each day, Avrill sent her three questions.

Using her responses, Avrill then follows up with more questions. From this process, what has since emerged, is the formation of a beautiful auto-biography – one which tells a unique and personal story and also, represents something positive being born from the current situation.

Avrill says: “I’m learning so much about mum’s life  – it’s a real adventure and feels wonderful to be sharing it together.”

Thank you to Avrill and her mum, Elizabeth for your fascinating entry!

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