Take Time Tuesday

Week 6


To end our Take-Time Tuesdays, we are thinking about finding balance in our lives. So often, we are rushed off our feet, heading from one place to another, constantly doing the things we must do – whether that be our jobs, caring for others, or just ‘getting stuff done’ – without taking a moment for ourselves.

According to statistics, an increasing number of people around the globe feel like their work-life balance is getting worse and stress levels are increasing. What’s more, psychologist Ellen Ernst Kossek explains that managing this balancing game is increasingly important for how productive our working hours are.

So let’s continue our Tuesday habit of really taking some time for ourselves.

“Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.” – Robyn L. Gobin


Today, reflect on the past five Tuesdays and think about the kindnesses you showed yourself. Now, look at what your daily life looks like. How much time do you give yourself to do what you want to do? Your challenge for today, and every day, is to find a small amount of time, daily, just for you.

Some days you may only have time for a 10 minute self-compassion meditation or a quick yoga routine. (We can always slip in a kind compliment to ourselves!). Others you might have an entire afternoon to spend doing something you love. But self-care and self-compassion should be a daily activity. Today is about making a promise to give yourself what you deserve – and finding balance.
However long it takes!


This video from The School of Life gives some food for thought on accepting imperfection for the sake of balance.
3 minutes


For more advice on creating more balance in your life, read this article.
10 minutes