Well Happyness hubbers the 21 days of wisdom, meditation, and fun is NOT over. We now have some super tips and hints to take with us on our exciting journey of living life to the full, laughing at the ridiculous, visualising new paths in our lives, making new friends, trying out new hobbies, re visiting old ones (the tap shoes are coming out of mothballs), taking deep calming breaths, more supple with the yoga, not comparing myself with anyone younger and slimmer than me  and most important of all,  moving forward with more confidence and a big smile.

These three weeks have been really enjoyable for me. I’ve never blogged before, done so much meditation, kept a gratitude diary, thought about my Happyness levels, being delighted when they have risen at the end of the day, read the research that made sense of my worries and anxieties, been kind to myself… The list goes on…  It’s been quite a journey.

One thing I realise is that I will have to really work at all of this, we can’t expect to make changes in our thinking patterns overnight. So, I am going to take it slowly, not try to do it all at once (in my usual manner) and enjoy the process.

I’ve also realised that if you change your attitude to a positive one, other people will change  around you, be present in conversations, and really listen, not let your mind wander (shopping list car service, forgotten birthdays etc) it makes such a difference. Kindness and compassion is free, use it all the time, you and your recipient will be rewarded and your Happyness levels will rise.

Have fun everyone – every day is a perfect day to be happy. (Even if it’s raining, your bunions hurt, and your hairs gone frizzy)!