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You’ve probably never had anyone say that to you before (I’m always trying to think BIG and not limit myself!). But today, for me, it’s about just that.

I love the power of the mind. Before, I often used to think my brain was my enemy, my thoughts unwelcome visitors, that although fascinating at times, just drained me and relentlessly whizzed around my head like a washing machine on super fast spin.

But even after a while of trying to master my thoughts and focus, these last 3 days of our 21-Day toolkit have proven challenging for me.

I’ve got a nasty chest infection and am feeling rough. So yesterday ‘happy activities’ seemed far from what I could achieve. As the day drew to a close I still hadn’t done one ‘happy thing’. My fallback ‘happy activity’ is always to call a good friend. One that understands me, one that will make me laugh, even when I want to cry. But it was late and I thought, best not. Then I thought no, right now that is what will make me happy. So I picked up the phone and called Marta (as best I could with little voice!). 20 minutes later I was like a different person. My heart had opened, perspective had changed, and life seemed good again. One simple, small (yet big) action that changed my day; my thoughts; my emotions.

So today for me is about thinking small. When you are poorly or in pain, in whatever shape or form, and to whatever degree, be kind to yourself. And do those small things you feel able to do, that can shift your thoughts. However subtle, however tiny, they WILL make a difference.